November 23, 2015

Greetings Star Commanders!

When you are an independent developer you rarely take a break. There are always 500 things to do and it sometimes feel like you can never catch up.  In fact we really haven't stopped since the game was released on Early Access - for nearly 3 months. So it's about time we relax and hang out with our families. But fear not! We have much to report on before we go.

We are currently working on "Alpha 7: Meet The Midorians" update. In our next update we will be introducing the Midorian race into the game. We had originally wanted to bring the focus on Planets but as we looked at the dynamics of the game we thought it was more important to start giving you a sense of competing interests. We needed to have a third race in order for there to be genuine conflict and so the Midorians were moved up in our calendar.

Meet the Midorians will also roll out a real sense of purpose for you the player. We will be rolling out Loyalty, the primary metric for your success as Captain. Your goal is to earn the loyalty of all the other characters from the various empires around you. You do this by completing missions, elimnating their enemies and navigating the politics of the galaxy.

Loyalty should very much start to address many of the central complaints of the game: it's just a bit purposeless. You can watch the WIP game intro below and start to get an idea of what we are talking about.

We will be taking of the rest of the week to recharge our batteries and intend on releasing Alpha 7 the following week assuming we can fix all our bugs in time.

Please have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving and as always we thank you for supporting Star Command. We can't wait for you all to try out the next version of the game!