October 13, 2015

Whats Next: Patch and Alpha 6 on October 22nd

Greetings Star Commanders!

We are currently hard at work on our next patch as well as Alpha 6. On Friday we will be releasing a patch that will have new GameTips that should help with game concepts like red/yellow/green alert, repair and other things as well as a more flushed out tutorial.

We will be looking into some other bugs as well like walls being stuck down when loading, ship merging (this one is clearly confounding us) and some other stuff.

So what will be new in Alpha 6? Glad you asked!

Our big focus has been on missions. Our first set of missions were always placeholder while we polished the idea and worked on integrating characters into the scenario. Eventually this will all lead into loyalty, giving you the ability to earn allies and nemesis across the galaxy through your actions.

We will have dialog trees for the missions and much more specific goals. We have also revised the rewards system so it's much clearer what you are getting for completing the mission.

We have also looked into packaging items, stealing items, store vendors and many other items that have come up during our Early Access launch. Overall the game will be significantly more stable, saves should be working great, tutorial should be much improved and many of our original bugs will have been addressed. It won't be perfect but it should give you much more of an idea of our core game.

Can't wait for you all to try the next Alpha - should be a big improvement.