October 9, 2015

Alpha 5.3 Patch Released

Greetings Star Commanders!

Alpha 5.3 is now live! We have a ton of fixes today. Saves have been addressed and should be up and working. We’re still catching some stuff that isn’t being saved like your Mission status and crew inventories so if you see anything else please post on the community board! The game should be extremely stable at this point - but we still have a lot more work to do.

Next week we will be addressing more bugs and prepping the brand new mission system for the release of Alpha 6.

Patch notes as follows:

  • Saving/Loading implemented and stable (some elements are still not being saved like mission status)
  • Fixed ships stacking on each other
  • Can pan and zoom during travel
  • Fixed bug with civilians on space stations
  • Zooming in and out now focuses on mouse location
  • Can pan from ship to ship during pause
  • Body sprites back on Class Change menu
  • Fixed Fission Generator output
  • Nav map now zooms in and out correctly
  • Can rename crew from crew details
  • Boxing now takes time
  • Stealing implemented but needs security guards
  • Use spot now displayed when placing an object
  • Added shield health overlay to player/enemy ship HP HUD
  • Can no longer block doors with objects
  • All crew capable of boxing objects now
  • You will now be labeled a thief and lose loyalty when you steal
  • Adjusted how often crew panic about battle
  • Player money saving and loading correctly
  • Ship system status should display properly for each alert state
  • Ship weapons consistent when charging/being used
  • Boxing and unboxing correctly enables/disables ship system
  • Fix to error getting character data when mousing over NPC
  • Crew will not pick up scrap/food after you place it
  • Much less talking from crew
  • Food/Energy burn rate reduced by half
  • Ship positioning should be far more stable
  • Nebula camera tweaks
  • GameTips added in
  • Names update correctly on crew
  • Ships no longer warping in on load
  • Zombies removed (for now)
  • Redid Medium Torpedo and Medium Beam
  • Deslecting a crew member now properly shrinks their background on crew dock
  • Tons of tweaks, minor bug fixes and other stuff

Hope the game is running better for everyone! Tell us about any bugs you encounter and share any Let’sPlay or Twitch streams you have!