November 21, 2014

The Highs and Lows of Game Development

Deadlines in video game development are tricky things (as many of our fans know). You have to weigh what is good to what can be done in a "reasonable" time frame. To self regulate ourselves we try and focus on external events to apply for - and for the last 2 weeks we have been crunching to submit IndieMegaBooth at PAX East 2015.

For those that don't know, IndieMegaBooth is an organization that takes a group of lesser known indies and get's them booth space at events like PAX, GDC and Gamescom. They are one of the bright stars of the indie development world.

These crunches represent the best and worst in game development.

We got a ton done on the game. We cram as many features in that we can, everyone works very hard and very long hours and does it of their own free will as we are an indie studio and we answer to no one.

Last night we were all in the office working 'til 2:00am to get our game submitted into the Indiemegabooth. As we reached the submission hour our build fell apart - we could not get it to compile - and what we could get to compile wouldn't run. To describe the situation as disappointing would be an understatement.

But this is the challenge of making games. Often times people wonder what the hell we're doing. How can it possibly take so long time one one game? Our approach is that good things take time.

Here is a screenshot of the game with our real time lighting, crew desires and planets. We know the game is fun and we know that our fans will be very happy with Galaxies.

Nights like last night can be extremely discouraging to a team. You work very hard for a very long time on something you are very passionate about - and it doesn't come together how you envisioned. But then we look at what we have done and we see the passion our fans have for our game and we know in the long term it will be worth it.

More is coming very soon. The game is in a fun, playable state and with a couple more weeks of polish we should be looking at a public alpha. That is something we can't wait for. As long as we can get the game to build :)