September 3, 2014

Upcoming Mobile Update

We have been super busy and wanted to take a second to catch our mobile fans up on the status of Star Command.

We are currently beta testing mobile and wanted to talk about the features that will be coming up for mobile. So peel back your eyelids and check it:

We have upgraded the entire engine to Cocos3.0 - which means support for Windows Phone! Star Command will be coming to Windows phone for the next update! Live in the shadows no more Windows users.

The next big thing is the new combat engine. You will now be free to roam the galaxy with the ability to choose when you get into battles. We have removed all mini-games in free roam mode and now players will be able to target each enemy subsystem during battles.

With the introduction of free roam you will now be hunting the remnants of the Star Command fleet - pirates! Pirates will offer much more challenge to you with abilities like healing, grenades and other surprises for your crew.

Give your crew the latest and greatest in gear with kits! Gravity boots and flamethrowers will be the first items out of the gate to help your crew navigate the new dangers in the galaxy.

So now that you can go where you want, when you want and give your crew new gear you're gonna need some new friends! How about man's best friend? Bam. Done.

Dr. Klebaticus Science Lab is the newest room in Star Command (Kickstarters will have instant access to this) that you can discover in the galaxy. Dr. Klebaticus has been working on secret experiments - and now you can benefit! Reanimate the dead? DO IT!

As you can tell we have a lot of new features. So when you ask the logical next question: "WHEN?" you will understand when we answer: "When it's done beta testing." We have a new platform, lot's of new features and, therefore, lots of new bugs and play balancing issues.

Love to hear your thoughts though! Send us a tweet @starcommandgame or visit our facebook page.

More from mobile and Galaxies soon!