May 22, 2014

Concept Art to Wet Your Whistle

Greetings all!

We have been hard at work doing some very dull stuff. We have implemented a SCRUM agile development environment here at the office and are now using JIRA Agile to make it happen. Boooorriiiiinnng.

We have also been polishing up our building engine to be more free flowing and allow you to basically do whatever you want on a ship. Rooms are now dead. Instead, if you want an engineering section you drop an engine; if that engine is putting out too much radiation you better build a containment wall around it; now route some power from your engine to your laser batteries using high capacity power conduit built under the ship; install a captains chair and route a low capacity power conduit to it - bam. You're ready for space.

This has been a huge grind - building is basically the backbone for combat rules, laying out enemy ships, and playtesting most of the game. So it's something that has to be done correctly and it is slow going and rather bland in regards to screenshots and status updates. So bear with us.

In the meantime, here is some concept art to wet your whistle!

Antorian High Command.

We are continuing to evolve the species in the game. We are expanding their mythology, their tactics, their look and how their own ships function. The goal is for each race to feel very distinct and very foreign - "alien" almost.

An antorian looks down on a local metropolis.

The most vital thing to the Avarians are their hatchlings.

Avarian Warriors will help protect the flock.

Avarians on a stroll discussing galactic matters.

The team is hard at work every day. We're really excited about the way the game is going and we think you will be to once we really start rolling out all the new features.