April 17, 2014

Intro to Chad

Oh hey there, I'm Chad. I'm one of the new developers on the Warballoon team. We have an exciting project underway and I'll be your co-host along with Chris (the pantless avatar from the previous post) and Aron (the avatar whom you have not yet met).

One of my main responsibilities here is working on top-secret voodoo with the Unity3D toolset. Unity3D you say? Why yes, we have collectively decided to give Unity a go on the new Star Command desktop game. I'll be talking more about that process and decision later on, but for now let's just say that we are looking forward to Unity's cross-platform deployment tools to help keep things under control here as we get into the final stages of development.

But all that's a bunch of mumbo-jumbo about the future. As far as day-to-day operations go, we're always looking for new ways to leverage the built-in utilities that Unity offers for handling lame and otherwise time-consuming minutia such as particle systems (spoiler alert?).

Be on the lookout for new posts from the rest of the team and myself as we continue this process and reveal some of the kick-awesome progress we make along the way.

Chad out.